Rising repairs this winter: Could video maintenance be the answer?

Stuart Armstrong

By Stuart Armstrong

09 November 2022

More maintenance issues were reported through Fixflo in September 2022 than any previous month—and this rise in repairs is expected to continue throughout the winter.

Although surges in maintenance requests are expected at this time of year due to the weather, the recent spike in reported issues outpaces anything seen previously. To illustrate the point, the number of issues reported through our platform rose from 136,091 in June to 201,676 in September—an eye-watering increase of almost 50%.

Our data indicates this increase in repair requests will continue into the cold months ahead, putting an extra burden on property managers who have to deal with rising operational costs and a shortage of tradespeople.

Meeting these challenges requires effective triage at the point of repair reporting to resolve simple issues before they hit your desk. This will increase capacity and reduce maintenance costs. 

To help property managers achieve this, Fixflo is launching a video maintenance solution, giving occupiers quick and direct access to qualified tradespeople over a video call. The solution, powered by Help me Fix, has been proven to reduce unnecessary call-outs by 50%. Last week, we hosted a featured webinar with Help me Fix’s co-founder, Ettan Bazil, to discuss the impact of rising issues in the industry and demonstrate the solution.

4 takeaways from the webinar

Watch the webinar in full

1. Help me Fix was founded as a way to help experienced contractors offer their services remotely

2. Rising operational costs and a dwindling supply of tradespeople are having a huge knock-on effect on landlords


3. Many issues don’t require an expensive physical call-out. Video maintenance is the best way to avoid unnecessary issues

4. Using Video Maintenance can permanently resolve around 20% of issues before they hit your desk.

See the integration in action! 


If you’d like to get started using our Video Maintenance solution, book a demo today



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Stuart Armstrong

By Stuart Armstrong

09 November 2022

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