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Fixflo and Help me Fix Integration

Cut maintenance costs by using our powerful Video Maintenance Solution! 

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How many of your repairs and maintenance call-outs could be avoided if your occupiers had expert advice from a tradesperson over a live video call? Many simple issues can be resolved by the occupiers at home when they are empowered to do so under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Fixflo is now integrated with Help me Fix, supercharging our already powerful repairs reporting tool and making life even easier for you, your clients and occupiers. Help me Fix is an innovative solution that connects your occupiers directly with tradespeople via video call, providing them with the guidance they need and reducing the amount of time and money your clients spend on unnecessary call-outs. 

This revolutionises the way reactive repairs are dealt with, letting property managers spend less time handling repair issues and justifying call-out charges to clients. With this integration, your property managers can reinvest their time on work that is needed to grow your portfolio.

Combining Help me Fix’s innovative approach to managing repairs with Fixflo will have an incredible impact on the way you deal with reactive maintenance issues.

Integration features

  • Occupiers can video call a qualified tradesperson when they’re reporting a maintenance issue
  • Maintenance issues can be triaged or resolved by Help me Fix’s trusted contractors
  • Connect your occupiers with expert tradespeople from 9 trade categories including plumbing heating and gas, electrical and appliances.

About Help me Fix

Help me Fix is a video application that uses an Uber style round robin calling system to connect tenants to tradespeople people very quickly when they have a maintenance issue. We have 9 trade categories including plumbing heating and gas, electrical and Appliances.

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