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Fixflo's built to rent offerings including its customer dashboard, tenant reporting portal, contractor app and compliance matrix

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Reactive Repair Reporting
  • Multilingual picture-based repair reporting
  • Popups to help tenants resolve minor issues
  • Integration with all major CRMs


All Basic features
+ Workflow Management
  • Workflow management
  • Rules-based automation
  • Contractor app


All Essentials features
+ Planned Maintenance
  • Compliance matrix overview 
  • Auto-instruct tradespeople for recurring works


All Essentials features
+ Customisable Dashboards
  • Customisable dashboards
  • SLA reporting
  • Performance monitoring

Success stories


Residents and contractors can use our software to report repairs, verify costs and manage certification requirements. They don’t need to call you or turn the concierge into a compliant station because the software lets them know when everything has been received. Your phone will ring a lot less and your texts and emails will be reduced too.

Fixflo Manager and Fixflo Professional are designed with planned maintenance in mind. We’ll help you set up maintenance events, including recurring statutory requirements and tasks individual to each asset. Fixflo will then remind you when those tasks are coming up to their due dates, and file all the certification for you.

Fixflo’s open API connects with the most popular property management systems, including Alto, MRI Qube PM, and Reapit, as well as multiple inventory inspection applications, so you don’t have to repeat work across multiple apps. Find out more about Fixflo integrations and see the full list here.

Clear repair reporting for build to rent allows residents to specify exactly what the issue is with configurable in-system guidance. The result? A 20% reduction in the number of requests you need to handle and a boost to first-time fixes. Not only do you enhance customer experience, you’ll save money on callouts.

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