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The build to rent market is competitive and your residents expect great living spaces and even greater customer service. Fixflo takes away the hassle in managing repairs and maintenance works so you can focus on building long-lasting relationships with every resident.

Convenience for Residents

Residents expect smart service fuelled by technology. They want to report and resolve a problem as quickly as possible. In today's world, the idea of office hours has long been outdated.

Powering Housing Teams

When a resident reports a repair, your housing team receive one email/PDF with all the necessary detail to progress further. Fixflo saves time by eliminating back-and-forth emails and calls.

Bespoke Automation

No two buildings are the same. The process for repair and maintenance is unique in each building. Fixflo offers endless customisation possibilities using simple rules-based automation.

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Simple Building Safety Management

Worried about meeting the demands of the Building Safety Act? Fixflo provides the tools you need to handle everything from Golden Thread information management to leaseholder communication and compliance reporting, all in a single place.

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Complete ‘Golden Thread’ transparency
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Securely store & categorise documentation
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360 visibility for all stakeholders
Reactive Repair Reporting iPad

Reactive Repair Reporting for Residents

Fixflo's primary feature is a picture-based repair reporting portal. This is where residents can self-manage the repair reporting process of issues in communal and personal spaces, anytime, anywhere. Early detection and detailed reporting of maintenance issues contribute to faster and cheaper fixes and can sometimes protect assets from irreversible damage. Fixflo can be customised so that issues such as blown light bulbs won't be reported. Instead of waiting for a response from the housing team, residents will receive timely guidance on how to replace the light bulb safely.

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Works Order and Contractor Management

Those working in build to rent will know that robust works order and contractor management capabilities are essential in any management system. Fixflo meets these needs in every respect, making it as easy to manage an entire portfolio of repairs as it is to manage those of a single building.


Planned Maintenance

Compliance has to be a constant consideration in the build to rent management industry. Fixflo ensures that you’ll never miss a statutory safety check or planned maintenance task because you can plan in all the works that are needed in advance. You can even schedule automatic reminders for you and your preferred contractor ahead of time, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

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