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Fixflo makes reactive repair reporting, works order management and planned maintenance smarter and more transparent for everyone involved. It offers assistance in the compliance of UUK or ANUK/Unipol schemes with regards to repairs and maintenance. Its smart picture-based diagnostic feature can be accessed anytime, anywhere, freeing students from back and forth emails and phone calls with the property manager. Ideal for University Halls of Residence, Private Halls of Residence/Private Halls/Communal Blocks, Private Landlord Owned Properties and Student Union Managed Properties.

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Reactive Repair Reporting for Students

The Fixflo system focuses exclusively on managing reactive repairs and proactive maintenance while centralising and streamlining the process to improve controlled oversight. It allows for the reporting and resolution of reactive repairs, as well as the management of planned preventative maintenance in both communal and personal spaces as needed.

Your housing team and students benefit from an online picture-based reporting system with in-built diagnostic features which can be embedded into your existing web page. Students can access the reporting process via a “request maintenance” button or student portal.

Convenience for Students

Students expect technology and are quick to adapt to it. In the world of Uber and Deliveroo the idea of opening hours seems outdated. The web portal can be accessed via any device 24/7, meaning you’re more likely to receive reports within a quick time scale

Convenience for Housing Teams

When a student reports a repair through Fixflo it creates one email/PDF instead of the back and forth emails and phone calls normally needed. Photos and videos are encouraged through the app, helping reach a resolution even faster

Resident Education

Many students have never been independent before university and sometimes need guidance on basic responsibilities. Where appropriate, students will be shown how to resolve an issue themselves, reducing the number of repair reports to the student accommodation team

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Works Order and Contractor Management

Those working in student housing will know that robust works order and contractor management capabilities are essential in any management system. Fixflo meets these needs in every respect, making it as easy to manage an entire portfolio of repairs as it is to manage those of a single student building.

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Planned Maintenance

Compliance has to be a constant consideration in the student property management industry. Fixflo ensures that you’ll never miss a statutory safety check because you can plan in all the works that are needed weeks, months, even years in advance, as well as having the ability to set automatic reminders for either you or your selected contractor at the right time.

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