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Property maintenance is highly complex. Not only do you have to gather detailed information about each repair and get approval from landlords and occupiers every step of the way, but you also have to ensure that you stay compliant with layers of regulations and ever-changing legislation.

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Standalone / Integrated

Seamlessly integrated with 40+ property management systems, eliminating any work duplication across systems

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Attract More Landlords

Keep your landlords in the loop effortlessly with Fixflo’s communication feature and demonstrate great property management service with hard data

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Increase Capacity

Automate repetitive tasks and free up property managers to build long-lasting relationships with landlords and occupiers


End-to-end Workflow Management

Property managers can instruct contractors, manage works orders, schedule planned maintenance and get approvals from landlords in one central hub. More and more landlords prefer to use their own contractors; with Fixflo, you can easily designate specific contractors to specific portfolios.

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Compliant with lettings regulation
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Custom, rule-based automation
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Personalised service at scale
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Contractor Self Management

Contractors have a dedicated app so that they can quote, update, be updated and invoice property managers, and when a task falls behind, the Fixflo system sends them a notification so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Never chase contractors again
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Time-stamped communications
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Securely share job details

Exceed Customer Expectations

Consumers have an ever-growing expectation for great customer service. Occupiers and landlords are no exception. Reporting repairs online 24/7 is now an industry standard. Occupiers can report repairs in their property anytime, anywhere online. Landlords receive systematic, detailed and timely communication from Fixflo.

Occupiers may not be aware of their responsibilities with regards to issues such as mildew and blown lightbulbs. Fixflo's in-system guidance helps them safely resolve issues themselves without ever involving the property manager. 18% of repairs reported using Fixflo are self-resolved by occupiers.

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Guide occupiers to self resolve issues within their remit
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24/7 access available in 40+ languages
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In-system guidance for occupiers

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