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Repair reporting to make everyone's lives easier



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Dashboards to help you track everything that matters



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Manage planned maintenance and instruct contractors with just a few clicks



Unlimited users

Set and monitor KPIs to deliver fast and accurate decisions

Reactive Repair Reporting

Multilingual, picture-based reporting

Branded portal

Advice pop-ups for tenants

Automatic responses

CRM integrations

Contractor Marketplace

+ From £0.30 per unit per month

Video calls with tradespeople

24/7 cover (incl. emergencies)

Planned preventative maintenance

Workflow Management

All-in-one system to manage repairs

Communications, quotes, invoices in one place

Contractor compliance tracking

Contractor mobile app

Automation tools

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Easy planned maintenance scheduling

At-a-glance compliance monitoring

Templates for faster resolutions

Customisable Dashboards

Unlock insights for faster decision-making

Set SLAs and track your KPIs

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*Prices apply to new customers, exclude VAT, setup fees, and integration costs. Minimum monthly fee is £50 (ex VAT) + 0.50p per managed unit. Minimum number of properties is 50. If an integration is required and/or you manage more than 1000 units, please contact us for a tailored quotation.

Success stories

Case Studies_Liberty Blue

"Signing up to a platform like Fixflo – to whom I have no connection other than as a customer – will improve things for you and your clients dramatically".

- Regina Mangan, Director of Liberty Blue Estate Agents & Auctioneers

Case Studies_Chelton Brown

"The self-resolution guidance and advice pop-ups have prevented 16% of repairs from being reported which has helped us to save our landlords £75k".

- Chelton Brown

Case Studies_Trinity

"Everyone in our business has embraced Fixflo – it’s now our core, front-end system for customers and maintenance. Our contractors are also engaged because Fixflo streamlines the entire process for them, making it easier for them to manage jobs and submit invoices".

- Gary Tarrant - Managing Director of Trinity Estates


Tenants, contractors, and landlords can use our software to report repairs, okay costs, and manage certifications. They don’t need to call you because the software lets them know when everything is received. Your phone will ring a lot less and your texts and emails will be reduced too.

Yes. The Fixflo system is picture-based so tenants can specify the issue and include a photo when they make a report. If the issue is serious, you can opt to use a popup to tell tenants to report directly by phone or even call the authorities. Non-life threatening issues that are high risk like water leaks are handled as urgent and benefit from a detailed report.

When a tenant reports a repair or a contractor completes an estimate, the system updates instantly, so you never have to worry about a delay. And if your landlords approve costs, you know about it immediately.

We can make managing works orders much less complicated. With just a few clicks in the system, you can see and update your work orders. Our software was designed with busy property managers in mind.

Clear repair reporting lets tenants specify exactly what the issue is. Our popups guide your tenants to resolve minor issues. The result? A 20% reduction in the number of callouts and increased first-time fixes, Not only do you save your contractors’ valuable time, you also have fewer requests to manage.

No, not at all. You and your team receive complete support to begin using the system. At every step, we support you. And, Fixflo Academy gives you a wide range of online courses to help you with all the features our software offers.