Property Management Software Buyers' Guide: Arthur

Stuart Armstrong

By Stuart Armstrong

14 June 2022

Arthur is one of our favourite property management systems. We said so in our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide, but now we've given them their own article, in which they explain their features and general suitability as far as property managers are concerned in their own words.


Product Line:  Arthur

  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • Pricing Model: Monthly subscription
  • Other Markets Served: Block Management, Social Housing, Commercial


Product Description

Arthur is a cloud-based property management solution that keeps your world connected. Arthur’s end-to-end solution provides you with all the tools needed to manage your properties, seamlessly switch between accounts at the click of a button and bring all stakeholders together on one easy-to-use platform. Through enhanced communication and advanced automation, Arthur will help you run your business effortlessly and efficiently.

Arthur creates a connected community via the use of dedicated apps for each stakeholder, enabling simplified communication with tenants, contractors, property owners and agents. In addition, Arthur’s fully flexible infrastructure allows businesses to customise and automate processes to maximise efficiency.

Built on an open platform, Arthur gives you access to the very best online property management tools in one seamlessly integrated bundle. Streamline your accounting and manage your portfolio finances more efficiently with Arthur’s flexible financial module, fully integrated live bank feed and market-leading integration with Xero.



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Contact details


Number: +44 (0)20 7112 4860
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Stuart Armstrong

By Stuart Armstrong

14 June 2022

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