How video maintenance can scale your lettings business while improving service

Jonty Shepheard

By Jonty Shepheard

08 December 2023

When a fast-growing letting agency needed to maintain exceptional service levels amid rising demand, it turned to an innovative video maintenance solution.

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Birmingham-based residential property specialist Centrick has relied on Fixflo’s property management software since 2018 to simplify processes and keep all stakeholder communications centralised. But as it started to expand its portfolio, the residential property specialist wanted to get more out of its software.


“Like every business, we want to grow. But it’s very difficult to maintain and improve our level of service while scaling.” (...) “We needed a solution that could give us time behind the scenes to do what we needed to do in a system we already knew very well.”

Chris Whiley, Group Projects Director



After seeing how using video maintenance calls could benefit his business's repairs and maintenance workflow, Chris decided to implement the solution in Summer 2023. The mobile platform lets tenants video call directly with Help me Fix's remote contractors to fix minor problems and triage issues. The result? Reduced callouts, accurate quoting, and more first-time fixes.


Absorb workload and eliminate duplication


“Reducing duplications of work is imperative. If you’ve got thirty different systems you’re dipping in and out of, it’s very time-consuming,” Chris noted. Together Fixflo and Help me Fix eliminated major duplication points, saving the team significant time while keeping all maintenance data and communications flowing through a existing centralised hub.

Implementing new technology can be daunting, especially when relying on vendors for a smooth transition. “Fixflo and Help me Fix guided us the entire way,” said Chris. Dedicated account managers from both sides provided ongoing training and support, building the agency’s confidence with the software.

This high-touch onboarding was instrumental to Centrick's success. As Chris put it, “They gave that sense of ‘we’re the experts, we’ve done this before, and we’ll help you do it right’. When things didn’t quite work as we’d expect, they fixed and tweaked things along the way, and it was never an issue.”

It’s still early days, but Centrick is already seeing Help me Fix enhance the business across the board.

Increased productivity

With less duplication across systems and communications channels, the team has more capacity to focus on higher-impact initiatives. As Chris described, “We’ve already seen increased productivity and improved our internal customer service score.”

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Improved service

From faster response times to contractors triaging issues quickly, Help me Fix facilitates better service throughout the tenant’s entire repairs and maintenance journey. Complaints around landlord communications have dropped considerably.

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Reduced costs

Video assessments allow technicians to accurately quote and resolve many issues remotely, minimising site visits to reduce costs for both the agency and landlords. What’s more, with Fixflo’s Co-pilot rules, Centrick further optimised their resource allocation for maximum return on investment.

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The takeaway

The combination of Fixflo and Help me Fix took Centrick’s productivity and scalability from great to unstoppable. When asked what matters most about HMF and Fixflo’s partnership, Chris said it best:


“Fixflo speaks for itself. It is one of the best in the industry. And Help me Fix reduces the time between an issue being reported and the issue being dealt with — that’s the biggest thing for me.”


Adding video maintenance calls to its Fixflo system allowed Centrick to unlock new service levels its business couldn’t provide alone. Get this level of service for your business with Fixflo's Contractor Marketplace.

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Jonty Shepheard

By Jonty Shepheard

08 December 2023

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