How video maintenance can reduce landlord costs and save agents’ time

Jonty Shepheard

By Jonty Shepheard

22 January 2024

Megan Eighteen, Operations Director for London-based lettings agency Location Location, brings 14 years of industry expertise to the table. Having used Fixflo for several years, the agency embraced Fixflo’s Contractor Marketplace video maintenance solution, powered by Help me Fix, in July 2023 — a decision that has proven to be a game-changer.

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Megan emphasised the simplicity of onboarding with Help me Fix.


“It was super simple because Fixflo was already set up, so all we had to do was create a Co-pilot automation rule, which I was walked through. We set up warranties for people and made sure that we all locked in in a way we were comfortable with.”

Megan Eighteen, Operations Director




Initially cautious about relinquishing control to automation, Megan attested to the agency's shift to entrust the solution to handle everything. Drawing from her positive experience using Help me Fix in her previous company, she noted a significant reduction in property manager workload and overall cost.

At Location Location, it will come as no surprise that they were running into the same issues as most letting agencies.


“Agents are time-poor, and costs for landlords are going up and up and up. Trying to keep things cost-effective for a landlord while saving agents’ time doesn’t usually go hand in hand. But the way video triage works, it’s a natural combination of the two."


In just the first six weeks after implementation, Location Location had saved landlords £2,000 and their agents two days of property management time. "For me, that was a real win," Megan said.

Megan outlined three key aspects where Location Location’s repairs and maintenance excelled:

  • Centralised communication: "Everything is centralised — all your comments between agents, tenants, and landlords all come to one place."
  • Video maintenance: "The time-saving is invaluable."
  • Exceptional outcomes and cost reduction: "Landlords are paying a lot less to get the exceptionally good outcomes we have with video maintenance. Like, scarily good."

Addressing common concerns about introducing automation to reactive repairs, Megan reassured that unnecessary, expensive, out-of-hours emergency callouts have been virtually non-existent. "In our first two months, we had none."

The solution particularly shines during the winter, providing tangible benefits during boiler season and helping navigate contractor shortages. Megan highlighted how tenants no longer have to endure the cold while waiting for a contractor to address an issue that can be efficiently triaged over video.

For agencies navigating similar challenges, Megan offered a final thought,


“If we can speed up the process for tenants and landlords, that’s great. If we can keep the costs down, even better.”


The journey of Location Location underscores the potential for positive change within the private rented sector.

Jonty Shepheard

On the rare occasion Jonty isn't at her keyboard, she can be found making coffee, reading fantasy or road-tripping – ideally some combination of all three.

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Jonty Shepheard

By Jonty Shepheard

22 January 2024

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