Fewer Phone Calls

With Fixflo's guided advice, tenants are informed on issues they are responsible for fixing.  This means you can focus your time on issues that need your attention.

Faster Fixes

Clear, detailed repair reports, with all the information you need, are sent straight to your inbox.  This means repairs can be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

Better Communication

Tenant repair reporting available in over 40 languages, translated into English in seconds, is just one of many ways Fixflo improves communication with occupiers, landlords and contractors.

Complete Audit Trail

Because Fixflo gives you full time and date stamped records you are better protected in disputes.  No more arguments about what was reported and when.

Welcome to Fixflo

Imagine a system that helped your tenants to fix simple issues themselves, gave you all of the information you needed whenever a repair was requested and full records to protect your business. That system is Fixflo. In short Fixflo will save you time and money while boosting your service levels. Ever have difficulties understanding tenants who speak a different language? Fixflo is available in over 40 languages with each issue report being translated and sent to you in seconds. You get to work smarter and reduce your stress. Tenants get quicker repairs. Contractors have fewer wasted trips. Owners get better asset protection. All it takes is a two minute set-up and you're good to go.

Fixflo's picture based tenant repair reporting system makes reporting a repair quick and easy for our tenants and the structured and detailed report that is received by our property managers enables us to respond appropriately to issues raised.

Sam Winnard: Associate Director (Residential) Jones Lang LaSalle


Fixflo block management - Tenant repair reporting product shot - PC

Smart filtered repair reporting in 40 languages! Faster repairs, less effort and better asset protection. Imagine if your tenants knew what they were responsible for fixing instead of calling you.

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Fixflo Plus

Fixflo plus - Tenant repair reporting product shot - IPad

Fixflo Plus includes the Fixflo repair reporting system PLUS a full streamlined repair workflow! If you have ever thought that repair management should be easier then this is for you.

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Fixflo Block management

Fixflo block management - Tenant repair reporting product shot - IPad

Block Managers - every issue you deal with affects a lot of people. This means multiple calls, emails and frustration. Keep all occupiers updated with issues at their block, show your value and reduce your workload.

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Fixflo is fully integrated with a number of the leading "back office" software systems. For more details on these click here.

If your software house has not already integrated Fixflo into its system get in touch.

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