The problem

“We were using an issue ticketing system where staff would add updates to feed back to clients. But it wasn’t scaling very well or delivering what we wanted.”

“For planned maintenance, the issue would be put in a calendar to repeat as often as necessary. We would have to spend a lot of time with calls and emails going back and forth between residents and contractors to find a suitable visit date."

“I looked in my Fixflo dashboard and I saw a job marked as ‘complete’ even though I hadn’t done anything. That was the moment I realised that was the way I needed to manage property.”

Matt Mackintosh - Director of AM Surveying & Block Management

The solution

“For planned maintenance in Fixflo, all we need to do is create a recurring service event and add all the instructions and details the contractor needs. They arrange the appointment themselves, mark the job when it’s complete and add photos.”

The outcome

“We can carry out all of these cyclical tasks in a very managed and efficient way.”

Illustration showing property managers floating around a Fixflo screen, using Fixflo on their devices

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