13 days

reduced from 37 days to resolve issues

850 hours

saved from property managers' hands over a year

150 %

Increase in property management capacity

The problem

"Before Fixflo, our property managers would need to log every maintenance job themselves, with occupiers reporting by email or by telephone. That meant our property managers were spending time on the phone trying to diagnose the issue, trying to gather further information. They would request photos and videos, then they'd have to wait for the occupier to provide photos and videos. The delays could add hours to a job.

 We were spending so much time managing maintenance manually that we were spending probably 90% of our time on maintenance every day."

“We all want to grow our businesses. That can only happen if you make efficiencies in either your processes or your cost. And Fixflo does both of those things. We've seen a 30% reduction in business costs because of Fixflo. ”

Kenny Ord - Operations Manager at Lomond Investment Management

The solution

“We've been using a contractor network for 15 years, so being able to use them through Fixflo's Contractor Marketplace allowed us to have all our planned maintenance compliance data within Fixflo automatically pre-populate work instructions from two months prior to the renewal date. Contractor Marketplace meant those jobs automatically went to the right contractor and the contractor was able to communicate with the tenant.

We also now triage our out-of-hours issues through Contractor Marketplace. It's streamlined our operation. We are able to use the Co-pilot rules in Fixflo to determine which properties are covered, which issues are covered, which hours contractors do or don't attend."


“If you want to grow, if you want to provide your clients with excellent service, if you want your property managers or lettings negotiators to be focusing on other areas of their role, Fixflo Contractor Marketplace allows you to do that.

It's a no brainer.”

Kenny Ord - Operations Manager at Lomond Investment Management

The outcome

"One of the biggest moments for me, which was a game changer, was when we started to plan jobs to reoccur every six months, every year, every two years, and we were able to auto instruct the contractors.

From there, I could see property managers spending more time outside of maintenance, which meant we give our clients a better customer service experience, and we're giving our tenants a better experience too, because we are automatically dealing with issues. That was the moment when I knew that Fixflo was the product for us."
Illustration showing property managers floating around a Fixflo screen, using Fixflo on their devices

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