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Integrate with 40+ solutions

Create the perfect tech stack suited to your unique needs. Fixflo is seamlessly integrated with 40+ property management software solutions.

Enhance customer experience

A central hub that keeps all stakeholders in the know. No more lengthy email chains or confusing phone calls.

Boost compliance levels

Property management is complex. Fixflo helps you stay compliant with relevant regulatory and legislative requirements.

Reactive repair reporting

Discover how streamlining your communications from tenants and contractors can put an end to repetitive admin, endless texts and confusing email chains.

Your residents enjoy fast and straightforward repair reporting and even receive prompts to help them fix minor issues themselves.

Picture-based diagnosis
Available in 40+ languages
White-label occupier portal
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Features_hero_522x522_Workflow Management

Workflow management

With multiple dashboards displaying your metrics, you’re in control of your workflow.

Get notified as soon as repair requests come in from occupiers, auto-assign issues to your tradespeople, track them as they progress, and receive invoices for work all in one central hub. 

Standardised processes
Personalised service at scale
Performance insights

Planned preventative maintenance

Staying on top of ever-changing legislation poses a challenge for all property professionals.

It’s easy to feel disempowered when expectations are unclear and jargon is piling up — but there is a smarter way of working that puts the ball back in your court.

Schedule recurring tasks
Peace of mind
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Features_hero_522x522_Contractor Marketplace

Contractor Marketplace

Say no to endless spreadsheets and repetitive admin. Kiss wasting time goodbye. You can take control of every repair report and emergency repair. Not to mention all the other planned preventative maintenance tasks you routinely need vetted tradespeople to complete.

Standard SLAs
Transparent pricing
Qualified contractors

Customisable dashboards

Managing hundreds or even thousands of properties means keeping an eye on dozens of key metrics at once.

Are you sick of rifling through endless documents and spreadsheets to find the information you need?

With our reporting dashboards, you can find essential insights at the touch of a button. And they do so much more than that. 

Improved communications
Fewer missed appointments
Saves customers time & money
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"Let me show you how we’re already helping thousands of agents and property managers around the UK streamline their repairs & maintenance process, cut costs, and increase their management capacity by over 30%".

Monika Tailor,

Business Development Team Lead


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