What's the difference between a PMS and repairs management software?

Riemy Wan

By Riemy Wan

30 March 2020

While PropTech undoubtedly has a lot to offer, for those less comfortable with tech, it can seem like there are almost too many choices. Terms like management systems, PMS, cloud-based are frequently bandied around but what do they actually mean? And most importantly, what can you as a property professional, get out of them?

What is property management software (PMS)?

Put simply, Property Management Software or PMS just means a technological system designed to manage properties, via the automation and streamlining of some of the processes involved. In practice, that generally means a base management system with different module options, depending on the property manager’s area of focus. What you choose is entirely up to you – most PMS systems will allow you to add on elements that are appropriate to your business (be it for communication, financial or contractor-based purposes). 

So how is that different from specialist repairs management software?

A specialist repairs management software like Fixflo can be easily integrated with a PMS system to create a tech stack with enhanced functionalities. It can also be used as a standalone software to take your maintenance management processes online. While most base PMS options and specialist repairs software will be accessible, cloud-based (meaning it can be accessed from anywhere), Fixflo’s comprehensive management of all repairs sets it apart. Here are just a few of its more advanced features: 

  1. Fixflo provides 24/7 service online and offline – although almost all PMS will now offer 24/7 web-based communication services Fixflo offers its users non-stop access both on and offline. It is also completely cloud-based, allowing your team of property managers to work remotely without disruption. 
  2. It also offers its occupiers specific, in-system guidance when they report issues which are within their remit. When occupiers report issues such as mildew and blown light bulbs, Fixflo directs them to self-resolve these issues with detailed video guides. On average, 18% of all repairs reported via Fixflo are self-resolved by occupiers, providing occupiers with instant assistance while saving landlords and property managers time as well as money.  
  3. With new features and updates released bi-monthly, Fixflo helps its users remain compliant with industry standards and regulation, keeping works order processes in line with changes in legislation. 
  4. Fixflo also provides contractors with an app which can be accessed using computers and smartphones. The contractor app allows your contractors to self-manage their insurance documentations and submit quotes, to name a few of its features. You’ll never have to chase them up for a job or a progress report again either – you can track everything online. The portal will also remind them of their own legal obligations, sending alerts and push notifications if their qualification documents are about to expire. 
  5. It works within your own system of preferences, allowing a customised and bespoke experience. Many landlords prefer to use their own contractors – Fixflo’s software allows property managers to designate specific contractors to certain portfolios – while also contracting out on a larger scale when the preferred contractors are not able to accept jobs.  

The good news is that a specialist repairs and maintenance software system like Fixflo is designed to work with an existing PMS system rather than against it. So by integrating repairs and maintenance specialists with your existing systems, or using them side by side without integration, users can experience the best of both worlds.

For further information on PMS systems please find our guide to the 15 Best Property Management Software systems here. 

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Riemy Wan

By Riemy Wan

30 March 2020

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