Repairs in winter: how frequently do things go wrong?

Jonty Shepheard

By Jonty Shepheard

17 November 2023

Every property manager can anecdotally say that certain types of repairs and maintenance are more common in winter. But could they put an exact number on it?

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Drawn from around 1.6 million properties, our data has revealed just how much more frequent certain types of repairs are when the chill sets in.

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Issues with mould are more than three times as frequent in winter than in summer months, and issues with damp are more than twice as common.

Cold radiators may go unnoticed when it’s warm, but once tenants start relying on their heating to get through the day, repair requests shoot up by almost 140%. Other radiator issues, including leaks, more than double – and so do problems with electric heaters.


Want to find out more about how repairs change—and what to do once they come—when the cold front hits? From boiler issues to bathroom leaks and kitchen troubles, get all of our latest stats in our guide to repairs and maintenance in winter.

Repairs and maintenance in Winter

What happens and how to survive it

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Jonty Shepheard

By Jonty Shepheard

17 November 2023

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