Metrics that matter: the key figures Block Managers should be monitoring

Jessica Olley

By Jessica Olley

23 February 2023

Block management is all about keeping your eye on the ball. Sometimes, it can feel like there are ten balls, and while you're focusing on catching one, another is just about to hit the floor. 

Gaining visibility of key metrics can take the complexity out of day-to-day block management, allowing you to be reactive where needed and proactive when it counts. 

What are the key figures block managers should be tracking?

Service event triggers

Property legislation is always being updated, especially when it comes to health, safety, and legal compliance. These are all major areas of responsibility for block managers, so you must know when assessments and checks need renewing. 

For example, did you know that Fire Risk Assessment requirements changed this year? The new legislation requires more frequent and detailed checks on fire doors. Keeping an eye on the date of your last assessment and scheduling the date of the next one will ensure you stay compliant with the law, protect your tenants, and avoid significant fines. 

Service response time

Improving your service response time is one surefire way of driving resident engagement. Keeping track of how long it takes for residents to hear back about a complaint, query or repair report will allow you to recognise areas for improvement, communicate more effectively with contractors, and improve relationships with people in your block. 

Open tasks

Open and ongoing works, such as boiler repairs or broken lighting, often demand your attention in the here and now. Knowing which repairs are more urgent will help you to prioritise and take the stress out of daily block management. 

You should also keep an eye on how many jobs are pending, as this will assist in managing your workload more effectively. The right software can help you track your ongoing tasks, including major works, reactive repairs and planned maintenance in real-time, taking the administrative headache out of staying informed. 

Issues per block

Keeping an eye on how many issues are raised by each block in your portfolio can support your continued professional development. How? With this key metric, you can identify particularly challenging blocks and make strategic decisions about which properties you manage. 

For instance, you may be resolving significantly more repairs in one building than any other in your portfolio or seeing a disproportionate amount of leaks in one particular property. That information will allow you to investigate underlying issues and decide which properties are commercially viable — especially if they are so challenging that they are causing PM’s to re-consider their position with you.

Why should block managers keep an eye on these metrics?

Block managers can face severe reputational and legal ramifications if any of these metrics go unattended for too long. As former block manager and Enterprise Sales Executive at Fixflo, Joe Goss attests: "Without visibility over your service events, response times and ongoing works, you leave yourself vulnerable to chaos. If you aren't tracking your work orders, something vital could slip through the cracks."

"Managing your metrics gives you control over what can often feel like a collection of external variables. You can use these insights to prove your value to clients and managers. For instance, you will be able to demonstrate how many repairs you have completed within a set timeframe, giving you a prime opportunity to tweak the commercial proposition between you and your client."

How can we help you?

Fixflo is the tool you need to gain complete control and visibility over these vital metrics.

Our fully customisable dashboard means you can display the information you need in a way that works for you, for example, mandatory reporting occurrences, sellers packs and major works project dashboards are all possibilities with Fixflo. Check out our product guide to learn more, or book a demo now to see it for yourself.

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Jessica Olley

By Jessica Olley

23 February 2023

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