Fixflo’s 2023 year in review: brand new software updates, additions and more

Jonty Shepheard

By Jonty Shepheard

15 December 2023

As we wrap up another year and look ahead to 2024, we wanted to recap some of the major feature additions launched in Fixflo over the past 12 months. It’s been a year focused on easier compliance tracking, better organisation, centralised communication and of course the launch of the Contractor Marketplace.

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There are a lot of helpful and easy-to-implement updates now available to customers on any tier of Fixflo. So whether you’re new to Fixflo or already a convert, read on for a run-down of the top 2023 updates you’ll want to take advantage of before ringing in the new year!



1. Contractor Marketplace


Fixflo’s Contractor Marketplace allows agents to directly source and instruct jobs to reliable and qualified contractors at fixed and affordable rates. Our rapid out-of-hours video maintenance and home emergencies solution allows tenants to report maintenance issues through Fixflo and be directed straight to an experienced professional to diagnose, or even resolve the problem then and there.

You can also automate your planned maintenance jobs with Contractor Marketplace. Our set-and-forget PPM module empowers you to automate repetitive service events, so you can manage more properties in less time. Just provide details and set the frequencies — then reports or remedial actions will be generated, ready for you as soon jobs are updated.  Contractor Marketplace tradespeople are fully trained up on the system, so will update you every step of the way.


Contractor Marketplace is available for every tier of Fixflo, so if you’re not already taking advantage of it, please reach out to or your business’s Customer Success Manager and they’ll show you how you can get started.



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2. Projects


New in 2023 for Fixflo Manager customers is the ability to group related issues together in Projects.

How does it work? A property may have several outstanding jobs related to a kitchen refurbishment — a boiler service, replacing the dishwasher, installing new cabinets, or any number of other fixes. Grouping these together as one Project keeps everything organised, so you’ll never lose track of outstanding tasks. Read more about this new feature here.



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3. Service events not required


The compliance matrix helps you organise your properties’ planned maintenance and stay on top of compliance tasks. Previously, it was difficult to tell if a service event wasn’t scheduled for a unit, or if it just wasn’t required.

No longer! All customers with access to the compliance matrix can now mark any planned maintenance event as "not required" within the matrix. This makes it easy to see at a glance which events do and do not apply, ensuring your compliance reporting remains accurate.

As with all things in the compliance matrix, your landlords will be able to see this for their properties as well, so they’ll have the complete visibility they’ve come to expect with all the details they need to stay confident their properties are law-abiding. Find out more about this feature here.



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4. Contractor App Improvements

The Fixflo Contractor App has received some major upgrades focused on stability, speed and customisation. Contractors can now tailor their dashboard and sort their job lists, all faster than ever with even better loading times on the app.

The Contractor App is available to all contractors, allowing them to manage their jobs on the go — so if your contractors were hesitant to adopt the app before, let them know that there’s a whole new experience waiting for them now.



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5. Comment Templates


We’ve launched comment templates for Fixflo Professional and Manager customers.

Communication is easier than ever with new comment templates. Create pre-written comments for common scenarios that team members can quickly insert, ensuring consistent and professional (and most importantly, speedy) communication.

This can be a huge time boon to your business, so make sure you and your team are taking advantage of comment templates. Find out more about comment templates here.


More? You still want more?

Well then, you can have it! Those were our top five new features, but Fixflo has had many more over the course of 2023:

The insights dashboard allows you to easily track key metrics like average response time, resolution time, number of self resolves via the fault tree and more. Compare your numbers against your own targets and see where improvements can be made. You can analyse the number of issues reported by occupiers vs agents to identify engagement opportunities, the number of occupiers who’ve never logged in, and more. Find out what you can do with your insights dashboard here.

Encourage your occupiers to report issues through Fixflo by navigating to the Promote section and learning about ways you can notify them about the system. You can also learn how to promote Fixflo better by taking the new-in-2023 Fixflo Academy course on the subject! Find out how to sign up to the Academy here.

We launched our missed appointments feature earlier this year, which allows stakeholders to mark appointments as missed and provide a reason for this. This keeps everything documented in the issue log, and allows the issue to revert to the correct status so it can continue to progress. Read more about this feature here.

Even more customisation is now possible on dashboards. Display key metrics as numbers, charts, lists and more. Sort and filter data by assigned user, issue priority, status and other attributes to see the metrics that matter most to your organisation. Experiment with all the new ways you can view your dashboards. Find out how to customise your dashboard here.

Rounding out the 2023 updates are the new courses on Fixflo Academy, where you can learn about Fixflo’s functionality through in-depth online training courses at no extra cost. Fixflo Academy now has 18 courses on everything from core concepts to advanced features, so why not level up your Fixflo skills? Check it out and share with your team. Find out how to sign up to the Academy here.


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Jonty Shepheard

By Jonty Shepheard

15 December 2023

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