7 ways to make the most out of your high street office after lockdown

Joe Parish

By Joe Parish

19 July 2021

Back in business. At last. Finally, the UK government has announced we can get head back into our offices (while all acting safely, of course). But while it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the market has changed, and so have people. We’re all more cautious now. So, how can letting agencies encourage people to cross the threshold and make the most of the fact that the high street is fully open after lockdown?


Buddy up

If the pandemic’s taught us one thing, it’s that we’re all in it together, so why not buddy up with retailers on either side of your high street office? Make the most of the increased footfall in the wake of the lockdown easing and offer promotions involving other businesses near you. For example, you could attract people for consultations by offering free food or drink from a nearby pub.


Doing it for the kids

Parents of young children have been some of the most affected by lockdown. Creating something within your high street office that will appeal to kids—giant board games, stickers, colouring or even just the promise of a zone where they can play safely while their parents grab a coffee and browse through lettings—is definitely going to be a crowd draw.


Open all hours

In order to take advantage of the increased footfall, why not stay open until later? Give the opportunity for people to pop in after work or at a time more convenient for them.


Points mean prizes

Everyone could use a little luck right now. High street offices could harness that desire for some good news by running competitions in store. Prizes don’t need to be big—a bottle of wine, some fabulous local chocolates—but you’d be amazed at what the potential to win something does to the human psyche. This could also be another chance for collaborations.


Beacon of hope

High street offices are now in a position to make the most of location data. Installing small transmitters (or beacons) outside shopfronts to connect to the Bluetooth-enabled smartphones of those walking past could be used to send ads about the products (or houses!) available within. Look into what local digital marketing services are offering in your area—this is a growing market, and there are plenty out there.


Know your audience

In the process of running a lettings agency, agents amass fairly large mailing lists of both existing and potential clients. Do they all know you’re open, what your opening hours will be and what you have available in your high street office? Make sure you’ve mailed out details of what you’re doing—as well as the safety precautions you’re taking—and you’ll be surprised by the number of people who want to pay you a visit.


Safety first

Safety must come first. As we mentioned, people are likely to be feeling extremely sensitive coming out of lockdown about their surroundings and the risk of spreading the virus. Reassure customers by having large signage about what you’re doing to keep your high street office safe. Have social distances marked out, hand sanitiser readily available and do everything you can to help your customers feel and act safely going forward.


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Joe Parish

By Joe Parish

19 July 2021

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