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Attract Landlords and Expand Your Portfolio

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Revamp Your Marketing Strategy: Attract Landlords and Expand Your Portfolio is written for those looking to market their letting agency services to more landlords. The ideas and tips in this ebook are designed to help agencies large and small. Whether you're your own marketing department or part of a bigger organisation with specialised marketers, there'll be something new for you to bring back to your business and revamp your marketing strategy.

What's in this ebook:

Chapter 1: Develop and refine your brand
Chapter 2: 3 easy steps for defining your landlord personas
Chapter 3: Use social media to reach landlords
Chapter 4: Attract more landlords with content marketing
Chapter 5: Engage with landlords using video content
Chapter 6: Boost your leads with search engine marketing
Chapter 7: Harness the power of reviews to win business