5 ways automation is transforming repairs and maintenance management

Jessica Olley

By Jessica Olley

13 September 2023

Automation is everywhere. You see it on the tube, on your phone, and in your email inbox. It works quietly in the background, making your life easier. That’s why 87% of businesses have accelerated their investment in automation. It’s transforming the way we work at a staggering pace, and property management is no exception. To help you get to grips with this tool of the future, here are the top five ways automation is making repairs and maintenance easier to manage.  


Reduce repetitive admin, including Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

One of the most common concerns professionals have about automation is the possibility that it could replace their job. The truth is, automation isn’t here to replace anyone— it’s here to do the work we hate. 

Repetitive, time-consuming admin eats into every property manager’s day. From contractor visits to reactive and planned maintenance, looking after properties requires a lot of tasks to be repeated across a portfolio. With automation, those hours can be spent building your business, caring for clients, and getting real work done. 

Automation can even be used to send out communications using templates when certain events occur. The broken lift is back up and running? Send an automated email to let people know they no longer have to take the stairs. Safety hazard by the back entrance? Automated communication can make sure everyone’s using the front door. 


Keep landlords, tenants, and tradespeople in the loop

How many people does it take to fix a leaky tap? This isn’t the start of a bad joke — and the answer is always more than you think. Tenants are responsible for reporting problems in their homes, property managers are in charge of organising the repair, contractors carry it out, and landlords need to be kept in the loop every step of the way. 

As a property manager, you connect all the other stakeholders, but how do you keep everyone informed without spending hours on the phone? You guessed it — automation. 

The best property management tools will allow you to automate notifications as jobs are progressed. From receiving the repair report to approving quotes from contractors and completing the job, automatic notifications can be sent to any interested party in any way you choose. The possibilities really are endless.


Improve tenant experiences

A McKinsey survey in 2022 found that the second most common reason businesses chose to automate was to improve experiences for customers or employees. Keeping on top of communication can be tricky, but without it, all-important tenant relationships can start to go sour. 

No one wants to feel like they're shouting into the void, and the solution couldn’t be simpler. Customise your automated messages to include: 

  • A thank-you for reporting their repair. 
  • Details on next steps. 
  • An expected time frame for the repair. 

You can do the same for other stakeholders, such as landlords. Think about the concerns of the stakeholder and make sure your messages include all the information they need to feel at ease.


Stay on top of property management finance

Automation can also help manage your money. How much time do you spend ensuring the right costs go to the right places and that you have an invoice to support every transaction? With the right automation, you can automate financial management and transactions, taking a huge burden off you and your team.


Never miss planned maintenance

Anniversaries, birthdays and planned maintenance. They all creep up on you — and failing to plan ahead can land you in a lot of trouble. With automated planned preventative maintenance, you never have to worry about things falling through the cracks. You can set up automatic reminders for legally required safety checks months in advance, ensuring your property never falls out of compliance. 

You will still need to remember to get Mum a birthday card all on your own, though.


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Jessica Olley

By Jessica Olley

13 September 2023

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