'Landlord' and 'Tenant', What do these words mean in the eyes of the Law?

The Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985 has withstood over 30 years of regulatory scrutiny and changing public opinion. Today, it remains the cornerstone of property law, especially in regards to rental properties and leasehold agreements. Whether you are a letting agent, landlord, contractor or property manager, our guide will help you unlock this vital piece of legislation, and understand what it means for you.  

Produced in partnership with Dutton Gregory Solicitors, this comprehensive guide offers everything from a broad overview of the Act itself, to in-depth break-downs of your obligations and rights when it comes to lease and tenancy agreements. It also takes a look at how the latest legislation has updated the act, and made it more relevant to the way rental properties and leasehold leases work today.

 What's in store?

Our FREE Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 Fact Sheet covers:

  • The key areas governed by the Act
  • The tenant's right to access landlord information
  • The landlord's obligation to carry out repair tasks, including maintaining health and safety
  • The tenant's right to be informed of landlord's or agent's intention to inspect repairs
  • Leasehold service charges, and how you should handle them
  • And, finally, the consequences for not following the requirements set out by the Act

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