What Are The Benefits Of Online Repair Reporting For Letting Agents?

Zahraa Valu

By Zahraa Valu

27 June 2017

How do you manage your repairs and maintenance management process? With the days of answering the phone and taking notes numbered, it’s time to look further afield at alternative methods such as online repair reporting.

As technology grows ever-smarter, online repair reporting presents agents with the chance to cut costs, streamline processes and enhance customer service, all at the click of a button!

Here are few of the main benefits:

Lost in translation

One of the main benefits of an online repair reporting system is its ability to assist tenants who might find it difficult to communicate in English. Tenants are able to report a repair in their native language. This means that they are confident in reporting maintenance issues, which in turn, prevents small issues from land sliding into costly disasters!

Open all hours

Another benefit of an online repair reporting system is its ability to be accessed 24/7 by property managers, tenants and landlords. Offering instant accessibility is an excellent way to boost an agency’s commitment to customer service as tenants will appreciate the quality and speed of response times. Additionally, it encourages tenants to feel confident in reporting their maintenance issue, as soon as it appears.

Complete audit trail

An online repair reporting system can track all records of communication, presenting an agent with a clear and comprehensive audit trial. With the legislative environment becoming more tenant-friendly, this will stand out as an important feature to every letting agency.

Organised data

All data collected via an online repair reporting system will be organised into one place, meaning that even if the property manager’s away, your seamless repairs process can be managed by any member of staff. As each issue displays a full repair report, which outlines the steps taken to manage the issue to resolution, you can be certain that no repair request will fall through the cracks.

Automated reminders

Through the use of automated reminders, staff will not have to chase contractors for quotes or to resolve repairs, freeing up time for more valuable matters. These reminders prompt contractors to resolve repair requests in a timely fashion, ensuring a high level of customer service for your landlords and tenants.

Picture perfect

Tenants are provided with the option to attach an image to their repair request. This creates an efficient tenant communication process where property managers are able to deal with the specific issue at hand – ensuring faster fixes.

In-app guidance

An online repair reporting system benefits from featuring inbuilt guided advice. This is particularly helpful for tenants to resolve smaller issues, as they are made aware of their responsibilities which prevents costly damage to a landlord’s property. Property managers who will also appreciate not being inundated with calls about blown light bulbs or mildew in the showers!

Thousands of agency branches across the UK use our online repair reporting system to streamline their property management process, ranging from national chains to local independents. With our system, property managers and lettings agents are able to offer a premium service to their landlords and tenants by better protecting landlord’s investments and providing 24/7 support to their tenants. 

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Zahraa Valu

By Zahraa Valu

27 June 2017

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