Property Management Software Buyers Guide: MRI Qube SLM

Ben Gallizzi

By Ben Gallizzi

01 July 2019


We love MRI Software - it's one of our favourite property management systems, as cited in our blog and in our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide. Here's a brief guide to its features and suitability for property managers.

Product Line:  MRI Qube SLM

  • Ideal client profile: 2 – 5 branches / 12+ branches

  • Hosting: Cloud-based

  • Pricing Model: Per user

  • Other Markets Served: Sales / Lettings / Block / Property Management / Commercial

Product Description

MRI Qube SLM which is part of Qube Living is an all-encompassing property software solution for the residential market, giving agents the tools to manage every aspect of their customers’ journeys.

Qube SLM offers a marketing solution integrated with every platform that you’d expect, a seamless tenant onboarding process, all the way through to great property management and accounting functionality and managing your suppliers. What’s more, it’s delivered via the cloud and wrapped up in a beautifully presented interface – meaning it’s easy to access and easy to use.

However, things don’t stop there. The wider Qube Living solution offers all of this, as well as the functionality to manage blocks and PRS developments – with Resident Portals designed to improve the customer experience. And, of course, it’s integrated with Fixflo throughout.

And if that’s not enough, our solution can extend to commercial and mixed-use property – meaning Qube Living really is the only solution that an agent will ever need.



Contact details

Number: 020 3861 7100
Turbogocharge Qube Global with Fixflo:

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Ben Gallizzi

By Ben Gallizzi

01 July 2019

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