How Repairs and Maintenance Software Can Save You Money

Ben Gallizzi

By Ben Gallizzi

18 December 2017

Agencies that implement repairs and maintenance software save 20% of repairs from even being reported (either by solving them at source or clarifying whose responsibility it is to implement a solution), which has a huge knock-on effect on the amount of money being spent on repairs. With today’s shrinking margins, that’s a percentage not to be sniffed at. And, as we explore in our eBook, The Definitive Guide to Repairs and Maintenance Software there are other benefits too.

What does repairs and maintenance software actually do?

Most repairs and maintenance software allows tenants to report repairs, send and receive messages and check on the status of their complaint, all at the click of a button. On the agent side, repairs and maintenance software allows complete visibility over a reported problem: from the complaint being uploaded to contractors bidding for the work, the completion of the job and the issuing of an invoice.

How does repairs and maintenance software save money?

Reduced admin costs

By allowing agents such a bird’s eye view of the processes, software saves a lot of legwork. Automating processes like engaging and invoicing contractors and issuing repairs resolution reports also increases efficiency and means staff can make better use of their time.

Better contractor relationships

By recording and tracking contractor quotes, agents can build up a better picture of which contractors provide the most competitive quotes and who provides the best value for money. The automation of invoicing and payments should also rule out the chance of human error, ensuring swifter payments and helping to forge strong relationships between the agency and the contractor (hopefully leading to better pricing).

Tenant retention

In the UK, the average tenancy lasts for approximately 18 months. We know that each time a tenant vacates a property, it costs the landlord money – walls often require fresh paint, white goods and soft furnishings often need replacing – and for every month the property lies vacant, the landlord loses rent and the agent commission. We also know that repairs are a major pain point for tenants – with many complaining about how long it takes a landlord to fix things around the house or the quality of the repair job. Used appropriately, repairs and maintenance software should increase both the speed of the repair and the quality of the finish, keeping tenants happy and encouraging them to stay longer.

Word of mouth

The rental market, like most others, is built on reputation. Repairs and maintenance software provides agencies with the opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition, by providing superior levels of servicing without compromising profit margins. In today’s competitive rental market, keeping existing clients happy through prompt repairs resolution and an effective communications strategy is the best way to win new ones.

For more about repairs and maintenance management software, why not download our definitive guide using the link below?



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Ben Gallizzi

By Ben Gallizzi

18 December 2017

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