It might have taken until the beginning of March, but the UK finally got its annual dose of winter snow thanks to a combination of the Beast From The East and Storm Emma creating havoc throughout the country.

At Fixflo, we’re uniquely placed to see exactly what the effect of all that snow was on homes from Scotland to Cornwall. We thought it would be easier to show you, rather than explain, so we’ve produced an infographic drawing on publicly-available Met Office data and our own in-system data.


  • We were able to help tenants solve around 1,500 issues via our in-system advice on 1st March, thus ensuring freed-up capacity for busy property managers
  • With temperatures at their coldest on 28th February, there were 1,800 boiler issues subsequently reported using the Fixflo system on both 1st and 2nd March

To find out how we can help your property management agency streamline its repair reporting and reduce workloads, why not arrange a demo of the system by clicking here or on the image below? 

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Ben Gallizzi

Ben Gallizzi

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Ben Gallizzi
By Ben Gallizzi