How Can A Letting Agent Make Use Of A Repairs And Maintenance Software?

Zahraa Valu

By Zahraa Valu

23 May 2017

In a market that is starting to feel oversaturated with letting agent software, it can be tempting to tune out of the debate. After all, aren’t all of these fresh innovations simply doing something any good agent could do themselves?

True to a point, but writing off software, designed to streamline processes and free agent capacity, is short-sighted. Particularly in the repairs arena, where nearly half of all landlords surveyed knew someone who had switched agents because of a repairs related issue. [1]

So what is a ‘repairs and maintenance management software’?

Not to be confused with more generalised ‘property management software’, a ‘repairs and maintenance management software’ deals specifically with repairs.

A repairs and maintenance software manages and streamlines the process from the moment the tenant first reports the issue, through to the notification of the landlord and the engagement of a contractor. Each step is automated at the click of a button.

Why do letting agents use repairs and maintenance management software?

Stand out from your competitors and provide 24/7 service

Repairs and maintenance software provides an online portal which carries your branding and is linked from your website, allowing your tenants to report their repairs, at anytime.

This allows agents to deal with repairs around the clock. By automating the repairs process, agents can be assured that any or all of their tenants can be serviced, even out of office hours. This is important because 38 per cent of tenants in the UK are millennials (aged 35 and under) who, as a demographic, expect around the clock communication and instant results. 

Gone are the days when people waited until Monday morning to report a weekend problem. In fact, 40 per cent of Fixflo’s repair issues are reported out of hours and that number is growing. [2]

Fewer phone calls and repairs reported

A repairs and maintenance software can also help educate tenants on their responsibilities. The right repairs software can guide its tenants through solving smaller issues which are either their responsibility or easily solved. Simple picture-based or video instructions negate the need to call out a contractor for problems that fall within a tenant’s remit.

More first time fixes

Any seasoned property manager will know the value of recieving a picture from the tenant of a repair issue that has been reported. The report of a “crack down the wall in the lounge” can instil fear in anyone. So, seeing a photo from the tenant with a slight hairline crack the size of a coin, can save the letting agent, contractor, tenant and landlord a lot of time and hassle.

Stay compliant 

Each client communication is timed, date stamped and logged which, in case of dispute, can prove an agent's compliance.

Clearer communications 

Automating the process improves tenant communications. Most repairs and maintenance software is available in 40 languages, ensuring that every tenant can make themselves understood.

Increase capacity for more instructions

From repair to resolution, a repairs and maintenance software can streamline the process. This allows agents to take on more instructions and grow their agency.

If you want to find out more about repair and maintenance management software for letting agents, please go to our website





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Zahraa Valu

By Zahraa Valu

23 May 2017

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