Contractor Management and Pre-Qualification Schemes

Ben Gallizzi

By Ben Gallizzi

01 February 2018

Successful block management relies heavily on the block manager's ability to manage people and relationships to ensure the continued smooth running of the building. This is never more true than when it comes to having to select and manage contractors to perform works in a safe and responsible way. 

What should block managers be looking out for?

As block manager, your primary responsibility should be to ensure the safety of your employees and the occupants of the building while works are going on, meaning that you should ensure your contractors' health and safety accreditations are always valid.

How can pre-qualification schemes help?

Pre-qualification schemes are useful here - they help to simplify the procurement process on the block manager's behalf by reducing the need for contractors to resubmit details of their health and safety management arrangements when tendering for each contract.

Those contractors who belong to prequalification schemes have their health and safety management arrangements assessed, and that single assessment can then be cited for other clients who are looking for contractors who can deliver similar work. This simplifies at least part of the selection process and can save time and money for both you and the contractor.

For more information...

We've covered pre-qualification schemes and more in our new eBook, The Block Manager's Guide to Contractor Management. It's free to download by clicking on the link below, and we'd love to hear what you think - we've only covered the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more to contractor management and we are always looking to provide more useful information, so if you have any recommendations for additions, please send them our way.


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Ben Gallizzi

By Ben Gallizzi

01 February 2018

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