6 Summer Maintenance Tips

Zahraa Valu

By Zahraa Valu

16 August 2017

They say ‘make hay while the sun shines’ – an adage that definitely applies to the rental property game. Summertime is the perfect time for landlords to focus on maintenance issues, both big and small.

Putting a programme of home improvements into place in the summer months, when the days are longer and the light is better, is a no-brainer. Not to mention that at this time of year, tenants may be away on vacation, minimising disruptions and allowing landlords better access to the property.

Here are our top tips on the most important areas of summer maintenance to focus on:

Make the exterior superior

The summer is the best time to consider repainting a house’s exterior. With sitting tenants a repaint might seem an unnecessary expense, but remember the outside is the first thing that potential tenants will see in any future viewings. If landlords don’t want to stretch to a full paint job, a deep clean with a pressure house will also make an impact.

Knock on wood

Now’s the time to replace window or doorframes that are rotting after a hard winter. And, with the weather on side, landlords with relevant properties should take the woodwork refurb further and check decks and other wooden areas for signs of excessive curling, cracking or rotting.

In the nice garden

Although the tenant is usually responsible for year round maintenance, landlords with grand designs in the garden will improve the curbside appeal of their property. This investment in summer maintenance should also pay more immediate dividends. A well-tended garden freshly in bloom should encourage existing tenants to look after the property.

Money down the drain

When it comes to gutters and drains, taking precautions in the summer will help landlords avoid costly winter issues. Drains and gutters should be thoroughly swept and checked while the weather is clear to make sure they don’t leak in the rainy season. Contractors should also be instructed to check the roof for loose tiling while they’re in the area, so to speak.

Don’t let things go off the boil

Boilers will be in for heavy usage when the temperatures drop, which means landlords should take appropriate steps to ensure boilers are working safely and effectively before then. Taking visible measures to maintain boilers should also reassure tenants of the landlords trustworthiness and credibility.

Establishing a strong working relationship between landlord and tenant is key because when it comes to maintenance and repairs issues, early reporting is vital. Repairs and maintenance software, which allows tenants to report repairs issues around the clock, all year round, is another way to shore up this landlord/tenant relationship.

Insulate against EPC regulations

From 1st April 2018, it will be a requirement for any new lets or renewals of tenancies in the private to sector to have a minimum EPC rating of E (landlords with existing tenancies have until 1st April 2020 to improve their rating), with a penalty of up to £4,000 for landlords who are not compliant.

Landlords who haven’t moved to improve their energy rating should look to remedy poor EPC performance this summer with better insulation, otherwise they may find themselves facing the summertime blues long past when the winter weather kicks in…

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Zahraa Valu

By Zahraa Valu

16 August 2017

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