10 Things To Consider When Buying Repairs and Maintenance Management Software

Zahraa Valu

By Zahraa Valu

15 June 2017

 If like most other property managers, you are fed up with the time and hassle of managing repairs, trust us you are not alone.

Property managers on average waste 30 minutes per repair due to the inefficiencies of contractors or tenant communication issues. If you extrapolate this across a working month, a property manager - with a portfolio of over 100 properties - can waste over 25 hours per month**.

As a result,  more and more property managers are turning to cloud-based property applications such as repairs and maintenance management software which can integrate with a property management software to streamline and manage this process.  

You may be keen to dive in but there are 10 key things you should look for prior to making your decision, so  we've prepared a handy list to get you started:

 1. Purposely designed to manage the repair and maintenance process

There is a huge choice of property management software, so find the solution which has been specifically designed to solve your problem. Look for those which are solely focused on reducing the challenges in repair and maintenance process. For example, does the software allow tenants to report repairs with multimedia support but also has been developed with the functionality to manage contractors so an issue can be reported to resolve the matter within a matter of clicks.

2. Easy to use for the property manager, contractor and tenants 

The user interface must be simple and easy. It would counterproductive to train all your tenants and contractors on the software, if you expect your tenants to just logon and report a repair, it must be highly intuitive and not require any training.

3. Cloud software that is highly secure and stable

A key benefit of using repair and maintenance management software is that you can provide 24/7 service to your tenants. The system must be stable and reliable.

4. Translates into 40+ languages 

In Fixflo’s Rental Repairs Surveys, the second most spoken language to English has consistently been Polish, so if you want to reduce risk of communication issues, you should look for a repair and maintenance management software that provides your tenants with the ability to report their repair in their native language.

5. Facilitates the building of a property technology stack  

Property technology stacks are increasingly being employed by agencies which need various software systems that perform a specific task but which can also be integrated with other systems to work seamlessly together. For example, a specific system for repairs and maintenance software might be best-in-class but should also be able to demonstrate that it can integrate with other systems. This will give you maximum flexibility - if your priorities change and you want to incorporate more solutions, you'll be able to.

6. Proven track record and a list of satisfied customers 

As an indication of the quality of a repairs and maintenance management software system, you should ideally look for one that can cite a solid client list. This speaks volumes about its quality and can provide a great deal of reassurance if you're wondering whether it's the right option for you.

7. Complies with The Property Ombudsman Code of Practice and ARLA best practices 

It can sometimes be overwhelming just to keep up with industry standards and best practices, let alone getting ahead. That’s why you should turn to technology to help out. There are various industry codes and best practices which agents should adhere to including taking special care to accommodate for tenants who have a lack of linguistic ability, ensuring all communication between tenants and landlords is in writing, time/date stamped and retained for up to six years.

8. Automated workflow 

We all know the time and hassle involved in chasing contractors and setting up reminders. Gone are the days of having to chase contractors. Once a repair has been reported, look for features which streamline the process of requesting quotes and instructing works – while also ensuring the contractor is there on time, at the right address on the right date.

9. Powerful reporting and data visualisation of your portfolio 

If a picture can say a thousand words then a visualised dashboard with all your issues and their current state, must be worth a million. Property managers are busier than ever, so having all the necessary information at your finger tips puts you in control – regardless of how busy it gets.

10. Different packages for now and in the future

When considering software it’s important to take into account where your business might be in 12 months or even a couple of years from now – and therefore what are your future requirements. Very often repair and maintenance software will have different tiers or packages (basic, professional and enterprise). This allows letting agents to select the features in line with their requirements and budget now but also provides agents with the ability to upgrade at anytime to use richer features.

You might like to download our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide, which explores a number of property management software systems designed to help you in greater detail, or book a demo by clicking below.


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Zahraa Valu

By Zahraa Valu

15 June 2017

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