Best Practice and Compliance

How repairs software aids compliance

One of the ongoing challenges for lettings professionals’ revolves around remaining compliant and ensuring best practice in everything they do. Fixflo is a valuable addition to your tools in this regard. You can keep records of your time-stamped communications with landlords and contractors, ensuring a secure audit trail that can be cited with confidence if necessary.

Professional bodies including the Property Ombudsman and ARLA Propertymark, as seen below, recommend keeping extensive records of communications between landlords, tenants and agents. This ensures a swift and easy resolution in the event of a dispute.

Why you should take repair requests in writing…

The Property Ombudsman
Code of Practice (adopted by ARLA)

1 – General Provisions

1f. You should take special care when dealing with consumers who might be disadvantaged because of their…lack of linguistic ability…

1h. You must keep clear and full written*records* of your relationship with landlords and tenants for at least six years. Those records must be produced when required by the Ombudsman.

The Property Ombudsman Code of Practice for Residential Letting Agents. Effective from 1 August 2014.

See for yourself how Fixflo boosts property management compliance

To avoid future complaints, best practice is for agents, landlords and tenants to have written records of all communications.

David Cox,  Managing Director – ARLA

The Property Ombudsman
As a matter of best practice, I consider it prudent for agents to ask for tenant repair requests to be submitted in writing so that there is a clear trail of exactly what was reported and when that report was received.

Katrine Sporle CBE, The Property Ombudsman

Guild of Letting and Management
As a demonstration of professionalism, transparency and good working relationships, and for the avoidance of any doubt, all communications between tenants, agents and landlords, including those relating to repairs, should be recorded and retained. Establishing a clear audit trail in this way protects all parties involved.

Tweedie Brown CBE, Chairman – Guild of Letting and Management