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Data Support

Prior to using Fixflo to manage your portfolio and compliance service events such as GSCs and EICRs, your records on every property may exist in a spreadsheet, a folder, or your property management system. Your System Expert will work on your raw data sourced from outside the Fixflo system, organised them into a system-compatible file and import them into your Fixflo system for you. What you will get is an up-to-date system with 'clean data' and if you have access to our PPM features, the Compliance Matrix will be pre-loaded with service event programmes so that you can start managing all your properties and maintenance on Fixflo instantly, all in one place. We charge based on how much work is truly needed, based on your volume of data and the scope of system setup support you actually require.

From £300 + VAT.

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System Migration

Switching a Fixflo integration over to a new CRM or PMS? Moving from another system to Fixflo?

Your System Expert will configure your Fixflo system so that your property management processes and data will transition smoothly while you undergo a system migration. Your new tech stack will automatically push relevant data across your systems so you and your team can collaborate seamlessly across system. Streamline your processes, maximise your use of automation, and boost efficiency gains so you can easily meet and exceed your customers' expectations.

From £300 + VAT.
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