What is Fixflo?

What is Fixflo?

Smart, web-based repairs & maintenance management solutions

Fixflo has fundamentally changed how repair and maintenance issues are managed in homes and places of work.
Our smart, cloud-based software solutions help property managers improve efficiency, exceed customer expectations and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

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Integrate with 40+ solutions 
Create the perfect tech stack suited to your unique needs. Fixflo is seamlessly integrated with 40+ property management software solutions.
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Enhance customer experience
A central hub that keeps all stakeholders in the know. No more lengthy email chains or confusing phone calls.
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Boost compliance levels
Property management is complex. Fixflo helps you stay compliant with relevant regulatory and legislative requirements.
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Reactive Repair Reporting

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Occupiers can report repairs via an online, white-label reporting portal in 40+ languages, anytime, anywhere. The portal also requires occupiers to provide all the essential information you would need to obtain accurate quotes and carry out effective first-time repairs including media files for better diagnoses. Should the issue fall under the remit of the occupier, for example, a report of mildew in the bathroom, the portal advises the occupier that it is their responsibility and provides guidance on how to resolve the issue safely.

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Picture-based diagnosis
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Available in 40+ languages
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White-label occupier portal

Works Order Management
and Automation

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Fixflo’s dashboard is designed to track the progress of all ongoing works in the maintenance cycle and alert users of outstanding tasks. Property managers can effortlessly prioritise urgent issues and overdue tasks.

Our rules-based automation tool, Co-Pilot, allows property managers to create simple rules using ‘if this, then that’ logic. For example, users can assign specific contractors automatically based on the type of repair, time of day or the portfolio/landlord. Automation helps reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and adhering to standard operating procedures so that you can focus on building customer relationships.

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Standardised processes
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Personalised service at scale
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Performance insights
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Planned Maintenance Tasks


Proactive maintenance in commercial buildings and apartment blocks can be highly complex. Fixflo’s planned maintenance module allows you to set custom assets, record their locations and prioritise urgent and overdue maintenance. You can schedule one-off and recurring planned maintenance tasks and let the system alert you before they’re due.

With 200+ planned maintenance works templates available out-of-the-box, devising a planned maintenance strategy has never been easier.

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Schedule recurring tasks
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Peace of mind

Contractor Certification Management

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Contractors and property managers receive notifications when insurance or professional certifications are about to expire. Updating paperwork on Fixflo is easier than ever, with no need for back and forth between the property manager and contractor for verification. Contractors can download a certificate template and upload the completed certificate themselves.
Contractors also have a dedicated app where they can submit quotes, update work progress and issue invoices. If a task falls behind, Fixflo notifies them on their mobile phone so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Dedicated contractor app
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Keeping paperwork up-to-date
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Contractor self-management
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SMS Notifications

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Have you ever needed to deal with access issues because the occupier was unaware of or forgot about their contractor appointment? With SMS notifications, you can send a text message to the occupier when their contractor appointment is arranged. Fixflo can also send one-day SMS reminders to prevent last-minute cancellations. Are you not getting enough feedback when issues are resolved? Requesting feedback through text messages can dramatically improve your response rate. With Fixflo, you can complete repairs issues faster, spend less time chasing up and prevent missed callouts, saving customers and contractors time and money.

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Improved communications
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Fewer missed appointments
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Saves customers time & money

SLA Monitoring

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Service-level agreements (SLAs) are essential for internal and external purposes. You can quantify and demonstrate great customer service to clients and prospects, and your team will always know which tasks should be prioritised. To effectively monitor your SLAs, relevant data must be collected accurately and consistently. Fixflo’s SLA Monitoring module is designed to do just that.

Simply set up your internal SLAs for different types of repairs and the system will automatically apply the corresponding target to new issues. Fixflo will advise you, at any given time, which ones are close to missing target and should be handled quickly. The data collected can also provide actionable insights for your property management service.

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Strategise with actionable data
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Automate accurate data collection
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Measurable service quality
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Contractor Marketplace

Contractor Marketplace

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Fixflo users can access a choice of qualified and vetted contractors for different repairs & maintenance requirements on the Contractor Marketplace. From out-of-hours video calls to emergency callouts through to recurring gas safety and electrical checks, our partner contractor networks can assist and supplement your existing contractor relationships.

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Standard SLAs
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Transparent pricing
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Qualified contractors
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