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Why did you bring Fixflo into the business?

"We had for a very long period, utilised MRI Qube and as a stand-alone product, it worked well. It's a leading Proptech tool in the industry. But we wanted to improve on our already high standard of customer service to benefit our customers."

"I would absolutely recommend Fixflo. I think that it's brilliant. Whenever anybody from the industry approaches me and asks what systems are working for us, I always recommend Fixflo. It's an exceptional platform."

Jess Parmar - Chief Operations Officer at PBM

What positive impacts has Fixflo had?

"Fixflo helped us solve our problems, and we've definitely seen higher rates of customer satisfaction. It ensured that we were able to inform residents of any building information, and that management has the right dashboard reports. We've had great feedback from our property management team.

Fixflo is now a hugely important part of our tech stack.  It's our first port of call for residents to raise issues and queries with us, and it's paramount to the day-to-day operations of our property managers."

Have you been able to quantify your return on investment?

"We did the rollout between January and March 2022, and we began to see results by May. The great user experience gives clear access to data and improves efficiency, making the life of PMs easier and increasing our speed of service to customers. It absolutely has helped us by giving us the data to be able to make decisions with based upon fact rather than subjective reasoning."

What do you love most about Fixflo?

"The customer service is exceptional.  They always respond to our queries, they're always available and if they aren't available, they let us know who to get in contact with. That relationship has always been something that has supported us, enabling us to make sure that we're always improving our service levels. Working with Fixflo lets us improve our standards."

"Our value proposition to create happy homes, cared-for spaces and better value relies on our ability to solve problems quickly to give our customers the peace of mind and security they need. Fixflo is an important tool that enhances the customer experience with streamlined, transparent communication and increased operational efficiency. As a key partner, Fixflo also helps us customise and improve the platform to benefit the customer. They're are always available to bring new ideas to life."

Gary Cane MIRPM AssocRICS - Managing Director at PBM

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