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Why did you bring Fixflo into the business?

"We needed a solution to streamline our maintenance management process. Fixflo seemed like the perfect fit because it could improve efficiency, communication, and overall tenant experience. Since then, we have taken it even further by using the system to integrate our Renewals within our CRM system using Service Events."

"Fixflo has been fantastic for us, and I'd definitely recommend it to other property management companies. It's easy to use, has great features, and the support is top-notch."

Aaron Braun - Head of Operations at MPH Sports

What positive impacts has Fixflo had?

"Before Fixflo, we struggled with manual and disjointed maintenance processes. We wanted something to help us organize tasks, communicate better, and resolve issues faster. Fixflo has addressed all these challenges.

It's made a big difference. It's not just about streamlining maintenance; it's also improved communication, reduced administrative work, and made tenants happier. Being able to track requests in real-time is especially helpful."

What do you love most about Fixflo?

"I love how easy it is to use FixFlo. It's intuitive, and it helps us manage maintenance requests efficiently. Plus, it improves communication with both tenants and contractors."

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