Why did you bring Fixflo into the business?

The key motivator for bringing Fixflo into the business was to streamline the property maintenance processes we have and increase overall tenant satisfaction. Secondly, to enhance communication with tenants and contractors, centralise documentation and improve response times to maintenance requests.

"I would recommend Fixflo to a business that's looking to streamline their

maintenance processes and improve tenant satisfaction."

Sam Wigham - Property Manager at Tay Letting

What positive impacts has Fixflo had?

We've shown greater efficiency in handling maintenance requests. We've noticed greater communication between landlords, tenants and contractors. There's been a reduced kind of burden administratively, and also a lot more transparency in the maintenance process.

What do you love most about Fixflo?

It's got a very user friendly interface, and great automation capabilities, which we've just started to incorporate throughout the office, using Co-Pilot to simplify things.

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