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The problem

"We found we were wasting a lot of time on the phone having to get more information about repairs coming in. We were basically unable to ensure that a lot of the maintenance issues were being efficiently dealt with, which was having a detrimental effect on the business and general time management."

"The main benefit from our point-of-view has been the time saved on the phone."

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The solution

"After hearing about Fixflo in The Negotiator magazine and being impressed by the simplicity of the interface as far as tenants using it was concerned, we decided to sign up. We were concerned with not taking a process and making it more complicated, so the fact that tenants could simply report an issue whilst also being able to provide detailed information looked like it would be very useful for us. The integration Fixflo has with Qube was also important for us as Qube customers - we thought we’d be able to save a lot of time in that sense as well.

The set-up process was very simple - we were using it within an hour, and around eight people at the company use it on a regular basis."

The outcome

"The main benefit, from our point-of-view, has been the time saved on the phone. Because we don’t have to constantly clarify and reclarify issues, we can use that saved time to work on actually getting the issues resolved.

Additionally, the fact that the system helps tenants resolve certain repairs themselves is fantastic for us – it’s great to see that some tenants have managed to resolve their own issues by following prompts that pop up based on what issue they click on to.

Finally, it’s probably not stretching things to say that Fixflo has definitely enhanced our competitive advantage because it’s something we mention whilst going out on market appraisals. We make it clear that it’s a tool which could save landlords money (if the tenant resolves issues through Fixflo’s troubleshooting) and this has a significant effect in terms of winning instructions."

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