The problem

"The key motivator for buying Fixflo was that we were growing so fast and the market has more and more expectations about fast responses. One of the big challenges was keeping on top of everything going on while keeping response times and resolution times fast. The other big thing was compliance, and being able to manage the wider compliance of the portfolio so the risk is minimised to barely anything."

"I would absolutely recommend Fixflo to anyone who's asking."

Robert Pearson - Team Leader of JOHNS&CO

The solution

"Fixflo offers a really immediate experience for any resident and any client, in terms of seeing the progress of issues and what the next steps are. It offers management the ability to see what's upcoming and how they can support the team.

Being able to manage the wider compliance of the portfolio through the planned maintenance functions and get those really dangerous elements of responsibility into as much automation as possible, so that the risk is minimised to barely anything. With the audit trail, any time something goes even slightly off-plan, we have an immediate record of every way that it's got there and everything that we've done since."


The outcome

“The positive impact between property managers has certainly been an increased sense of achievement, as they've been able to jump into reports and see what they're pulling off each day. There's been better tracking of workload, so people aren't over-stretched and when they do have capacity, we're making use of that time.

The accessibility of the system, the immediacy of the system — they're just advantages that you can't paise enough because they are such helps on day-to-day management across the board."

Three ways repairs and maintenace software could help you grow your business_LP

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