The problem

"We had been using a system that managed the finance and repairs for the business but the repairs aspect was fairly basic. The team were also heavily dependent on Excel and similar systems to manage the business - from managing repairs and maintenance issues to finance. We wanted to be able to communicate with stakeholders such as occupiers and contractors more effectively and track accountability throughout the team and across works order tickets."

"We have found that Fixflo Block’s communications beats email and phone hands-down"


The solution

"Our team had been using Fixflo Block since 2016 but upgraded to Fixflo Block Professional in 2017, which gave us a lot more functionality."

The outcome

"We have found that Fixflo Block’s communications beats email and phone hands-down - team members use it for non-remedial comms to upload documents and other information. Additionally, the two-way communications on works order tickets saves a great deal of time when liaising with contractors and occupiers and leaseholders.

We can map the journeys of the various repairs to see who’s done what already and what still has to be completed, reducing delays when team members are ill or on annual leave. Company targets can also be set and based on our usage of the system (i.e. the speed with which results can be turned around) and publish results and stats to existing and potential customers."

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