Case Studies Liberty Blue Estate Agents & Auctioneers & Fixflo
Liberty Blue Estate Agents & Auctioneers & Fixflo

Liberty Blue Estate Agents & Auctioneers is a multi-award-winning company which provides a complete property service in Ireland.

The problem

“The way we used to work wasn’t efficient. We have such a large property portfolio, and the repairs & maintenance process was slow. Tenants reporting repairs had to either ring up or email us – imagine an email in a huge pile of others – and then we had to get in touch with the landlord, the contractor and back to the tenant before we could fix an issue. God forbid if someone from our team was out of the office or off sick. Time is our most valuable equity, and we lost so much time as our systems and processes were not as efficient as they are now."

"Fixflo is a gamechanger for property management companies."

Regina Mangan - Director of Liberty Blue Estate Agents & Auctioneers

The solution

“With public health measures put in place to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a renewed focus on remote work as a way for letting agents to manage their portfolios and drive the business forward. During Covid-19, we were set up for home working because we were already using Fixflo Professional, which is cloud-based. Straightaway, we were able to put our health and safety policies on Fixflo and keep tenants informed of our measures. It was actually very smooth – probably the only thing about Covid-19 that has been.”


“Anyone with a portfolio of 200 or more properties need to have a really good repairs & maintenance management system. If we want to provide a good service to our customers, it has to be a self-service platform. Tenants expect it. They want to be able to log a repair issue anytime, anywhere, and track its progress online. Tenants are used to the Amazon lifestyle and naturally expects it in other aspects of their lives. I’m sharing my experience here because I want other agents to spend more time on high-value activities. Signing up to a platform like Fixflo – to whom I have no connection other than as a customer – will improve things for you and your clients dramatically.

“Fixflo is a gamechanger for property management companies.”



Watch this interview with Regina at Liberty Blue Estate Agents & Auctioneers

The outcome

“It’s a total transformation! We’ve cut our repairs timeline by at least 50 per cent and improved our communication with landlords, contractors and tenants. The enhanced efficiency has created an opportunity for our team to do more high-value work, work that only we can do.”


“Our customers became happier, which in turn increased our job satisfaction. We have a multi-cultural client base – Fixflo makes it easier for them. We’re actually providing a much better service for them because they can use Fixflo in their own language. Having simple picture tutorials for minor issues like descaling a showerhead served automatically means we’re empowering our tenant to resolve their requests instantly, and we are reducing costs for the landlord because we don’t have to send someone out to fix minor things. I love that everything’s in one place – you don’t have to forage around for information. We have, in the last two years, won new business as a result of having Fixflo. We have been successful over competitor agents because of our use of brilliant technologies like Fixflo.


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Reduction in average resolution time for reactive repairs

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