Case Studies Let Leeds and Fixflo
Let Leeds and Fixflo

Let Leeds is an independent property management agency based in Leeds with three branches and plans for more. Since its foundation by Luke Gidney in 2009, it has steadily grown to become one of the best-known agencies in the city. We spoke to Luke about his use of Fixflo and our feature Co-Pilot in particular.

The problem

"While Let Leeds was already a successful property management and lettings agent with around 700 properties on our portfolio, we weren’t connecting with our customers in the way that we would have liked. We wanted to ensure that our relationships could be developed more strongly as soon as a customer came on board, because we know that this has a significant effect on our success."

"Using Fixflo, and Co-Pilot in particular, has allowed Let Leeds to deliver a better service and experience across the lettings value chain."

Let Leeds

The solution

"We were already using Fixflo but we began to encourage staff members to make use of Fixflo’s Co-Pilot feature. Automating certain tasks to always be dealt with the same way allowed team members to perform those tasks that only humans could do effectively - namely spending time going to visit properties and developing relationships with contractors and landlords rather than spending time doing unnecessary admin."

The outcome

"Using Fixflo, and Co-Pilot has allowed Let Leeds to deliver a better service and experience across the lettings value chain. The team is more proactive in terms of going out and building those relationships that are the cornerstone of any property management agency’s ability to grow. This will enable us to franchise the business nationally and become known as a forward-thinking, innovative and technology-enabled agency which uses digital solutions effectively to allow for greater focus on those important relationships."

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