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Trinity Estates & Fixflo

Trinity Estates is one of the largest residential property managing agents in the UK, with close to 60,000 units under their management. Market specialists who pride themselves in providing the highest service levels to clients, Trinity Estates is part of the Trinity Property Group, whose 100+ employees manage in excess of 110,000 homes across England and Wales. They have been using Fixflo to manage the repairs and maintenance of their portfolio since 2019.

The problem

“Without having an automated system, we had teams of people in the office who would take a call from a customer, action the repair, set reminders to follow up with the customer, engage a contractor, chase for updates which then had to be fed back to the customer all over emails or numerous phone calls. There were a lot of manual and repetitive tasks involved, so even when the repairs were completed quickly and efficiently, the administrative and communication processes could still be delayed, giving customers the perception that our repairs and maintenance efforts were less efficient than it was. 



“We were dealing with 20,000+ reactive repairs and maintenance issues a month, so optimising our processes became a top priority — if we could improve the system, then the entire volume of issues will also improve, ultimately benefiting all our customers. That’s the bit we wanted to focus on — improving the customer experience of our entire portfolio.

“With instant updates and 24/7 online availability becoming commonplace across different aspects of life, our current ways of working did not provide our customers with a platform that provided that 24/7 experience and transparency of issues.”

"92% of our reactive repairs invoices were submitted through Fixflo last year (2020) … This means 92% of the time we used to waste on chasing and handling invoices could now be spent on more meaningful tasks, like improving customer experience."

Gary Tarrant - Managing Director of Trinity Estates

The solution

“We were looking for a technology solution that would enable us to provide an experience that would meet our customers’ expectations. In our technical brief for the new solution, we made sure that a self-service platform and automatic updates for customers were key requirements. Based on customer feedback, it was evident that they want to report repairs and get updates without having to pick up the phone.

“Obviously, we were slightly apprehensive about choosing a new software system to work alongside our current system. There was a concern that we might solve one problem but create another. But Fixflo was very accommodating throughout our demo and scoping sessions, making it easy to convey, shape and realise our brief.

“When it came to implementation, we worked with Fixflo to soft-launch the new system to a portion of our portfolio first. This approach allowed our teams to get up to speed with the new processes. When we were ready for the full roll-out, the promotion and communication plan was key. Posters went up, and flyers went out with service charge letters. We endeavoured to inform everyone in our managed properties about our new repair reporting system powered by Fixflo. When customers called to report or ask for updates about repairs, our teams were able to brief them on the phone then and there, pointing them to the online platform and guide them through the easy steps of reporting issues online, demonstrating the benefits in action.

“We’ve seen customer usage go up month on month, with the volume of repairs reported growing organically and phone enquiries dropping at a similar rate.”

The outcome

“Everyone in our business has embraced Fixflo – it’s now our core, front-end system for customers and maintenance. Our contractors are also engaged because Fixflo streamlines the entire process for them, making it easier for them to manage jobs and submit invoices – 92% of our reactive repairs invoices were submitted through Fixflo last year (2020), which is quite an achievement. This means 92% of the time we used to waste on chasing and handling invoices could now be spent on more meaningful tasks, like improving customer experience. 

“From a customer point of view, having an online reporting channel with the simplicity of reporting repairs through guided questions and any digital device is giving them exactly what they want. Fixflo has enabled us to achieve these objectives, and that’s why it’s become ingrained in our business.”

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Contractor invoices
submitted via Fixflo in 2020

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