Introducing the

Contractor App

Helping contractors manage jobs on the move and ensuring full visibility at all times.

All your job details at the tap of a button

Never miss a job again with push notifications

View jobs from multiple estate agents

The Fixflo Contractor App is the official app for contractors whose agents use Fixflo. Allowing contractors using Android to access the Fixflo system easily on the go, it features:
  • Access the details of a job at the tap of a button
  • Push notifications- never miss a job again
  • Set appointment times
  • Mark a job as complete and even add photos of a completed job
  • Call or email the occupier directly from an issue
  • View jobs assigned to you from multiple estate agents
  • Map locations, allowing you to plan your route to a property
Fixflo is constantly refining and improving the app, ensuring greater ability for contractors to manage their jobs and communicate with property managers.

Download the Fixflo Contractor App today