Fixflo Plus

Your complete works order system

All repairs accounted for

Fixflo Plus provides a complete portfolio overview with its centralised repairs dashboard, meaning no repairs fall through the cracks

No more chasing

Automated reminders to contractors frees up time for property managers to drive value into your business

Data on demand

Whether vibrant data visualisations or clear, downloadable reports, Fixflo Plus provides a variety ways to engage with data

Fixflo Plus

Your complete works order system

From guided repair reporting to one-click work instruction with automated reminders, Fixflo Plus is your complete works order system.

Tired of spending time managing and reminding contractors of what they need to do?  Fixflo Plus does this all for you, automatically.

With a few simple clicks, contractors are contacted for quotes, landlords or insurers are contacted for approval, and tenants are kept up to date on the repairs process.

Fixflo Plus

Your complete works order system

Easy repair reporting

Fixflo Plus includes all the features of Fixflo

Save time and money with Fixflo’s smart repair reporting for managed rental properties.

Fixflo makes reporting repairs easy for both agents and tenants.  Receive simple and accurate reports through a picture-based system, with translation into English from over 40 languages.

No more lengthy, confusing phone calls.  Tenants can report repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their PC, mobile, or tablet.  With Fixflo, they can easily report their issues or receive online guidance to solve problems themselves–saving time for everyone involved.

Fewer issues

In-system guidance for occupants outlines what issues are their responsibility, reducing the number of phone calls received

Faster fixes

Detailed, accurate reports for agents and contractors ensure accurate issue diagnosis and help to resolve the issue on the first contractor visit

Clearer Communication

Tenant repair requests are translated from 40+ languages into English within seconds

Used across 14 time zones

Fixflo is the leading repair reporting software around the globe

Our numbers (…and counting!)

*Numbers based on 44,363 repair reports through the Fixflo system in November 2016

18% of issues are resolved in system using in-built guidance
66% of issues reported
include photographs
1 issue is reported through Fixflo every minute

Faster fixes

Detailed, accurate reports ensure quick fixes

All the information you need: Clear, concise repair reports contain all the information you need, including details such as Make and Model of appliances, specific location of the issue, and photos of the problem.

The reports are sent sent directly to the correct property manager in seconds.

First-time fixes: Because Fixflo repair reports contain all the detail needed, contractors can prepare for the specific issue at hand.  This means that most issues can be resolved in first contractor visit.