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Reactive repair reporting

Save time and money with Fixflo’s smart repair reporting for managed rental properties.

Fixflo makes reporting repairs easy for both agents and tenants. Receive simple and accurate reports through a picture-based system, with translation into English from over 40 languages.

No more lengthy, confusing phone calls. Tenants can report repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their PC, mobile, or tablet. With Fixflo, they can easily report their issues or receive online guidance to solve problems themselves–saving time for everyone involved.

Fewer issues
Faster fixes
Clear communication

Fewer issues

Fixflo offers guided advice for tenants

Fewer phone calls: No more phone calls about burnt-out light bulbs or mildew in the showers.  With Fixflo’s guided advice, tenants are made aware of their responsibilities and given all the information necessary to solve those frequent ‘easy-to-fix’ problems that they might come across.

Better asset protection: In the case of a bigger issue, in-built guided advice ensures that the tenant can take all the right steps to prevent costly damage to your landlord’s property.

Faster fixes

Detailed, accurate reports ensure quick fixes


All the information you need: Clear, concise repair reports contain all the information you need, including details such as Make and Model of appliances, specific location of the issue, and photos of the problem.

The reports are sent sent directly to the correct property manager in seconds.

First-time fixes: Because Fixflo repair reports contain all the detail needed, contractors can prepare for the specific issue at hand.  This means that most issues can be resolved in first contractor visit.

  • Image-based diagnosis
  • Available in 40+ languages
  • Highly intuitive interface
  • In-system guidance for occupiers
  • Fully branded portal
  • 24/7/365 access
  • Time and date-stamped repair reports
  • Integration with property management software
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Works order and contractor management

From guided repair reporting to one-click work instruction with automated reminders, Fixflo Lettings is your complete works order system.

Tired of spending time managing and reminding contractors of what they need to do?  Fixflo Lettings does this all for you, automatically.

With a few simple clicks, contractors are contacted for quotes, landlords or insurers are contacted for approval, and tenants are kept up to date on the repairs process.

Total visibility, total control
End-to-end task management
No need to chase contractors
  • Manage your portfolio with a detailed dashboard
  • Track and manage works from end-to-end
  • Certification and qualification tracking of contractors
  • Get quotes from and provide instructions to contractors
  • Bulk messaging capability
  • Time-stamped communications
  • Co-Pilot: rule-based automation assistant
  • Team member performance tracking
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Planned maintenance

Compliance has to be a constant consideration in the property management industry. Fixflo Lettings ensures that you’ll never miss a scheduled maintenance task because you can plan in all the works that are needed weeks, months, even years in advance, as well as having the ability to set automatic reminders for either you or your selected contractor at the right time.

Never miss a scheduled compliance task
Ensure protection in the case of a dispute
Increase your day-to-day capacity
  • Track and manage planned works from end-to-end
  • Easily monitor your portfolio’s compliance
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Used across 14 time zones

Fixflo is the leading repair reporting software around the globe

Our numbers (…and counting!)

*Numbers based on 44,363 repair reports through the Fixflo system in November 2018

66% of issues reported include photographs
18% of repairs are resolved in system using in-built guidance
An issue is reported through Fixflo every minute