Computer Aided Facilities Management Software

Fewer issues

In-system guidance for occupiers outlines their responsibilities, reducing the number of phone calls received

Faster fixes

Detailed, accurate reports for property managers and contractors which ensures quick issue diagnosis


Occupant repair reports are translated from 40+ languages into English within seconds, removing language barriers

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Fixflo Commercial

The best way to manage repairs and maintenance for commercial properties

Save time and money with Fixflo Commercial’s smart repair reporting and management.

Fixflo Commercial makes reporting communal repairs easy for both occupants and agents.  Receive clear, concise reports through a picture-based system, with translation into English from 40+ languages.

No more lengthy, confusing phone calls.  Occupiers can report repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Fixflo Commercial’s customisable in-system guidance provides signposting when the issue is not the freeholder’s responsibility, reducing the number of repair requests received, and in emergencies, directs the occupier to take steps to protect the building from further damage.


Computer Aided Facilities Management

Reduced risk

Planned, reactive and statutory works made easier, with a complete audit trail, no issue falls through the cracks

Data on demand

Fixflo Commercial presents a complete portfolio overview through the centralised management dashboard

No more chasing

Automated reminders to contractors means agents won’t have to chase them for quotes or attendance, freeing up valuable time

Fixflo Commercial/CAFM

Spend less time managing contractors and more time adding value to your business.

Fixflo Commercial is property maintenance management software which includes:

  • Tenant repair reporting/CAFM helpdesk
  • Works order management
  • Contractor management
  • Planned maintenance/PPM

In a few simple clicks, your contractors are requested to quote, sent purchase orders and reminded to upload reports and submit invoices. Whether planned, reactive or statutory, your full maintenance workflow can be managed in-system, from start to finish.

With the comprehensive Property Planner module, you can view a commercial building’s entire PPM schedule at a glance, immediately seeing areas of concern. Property Planner even tracks contractor certifications, giving you ultimate compliance oversight.

Nothing falls through the cracks with Fixflo Commercial. All communications and documentation are recorded, providing a central and secure audit trail.

Fixflo Commercial ensures your maintenance workflow works for you, mitigating risk while reducing costs and time spent on administration.

Used across 14 time zones

Fixflo is the leading repair reporting software around the globe

Fewer issues

Fixflo Commercial/CAFM offers guided advice for occupiers

Fewer phone calls: No more phone calls regarding issues that are the leaseholder’s responsibility.  With Fixflo’s customisable guided advice, occupants are made aware of their responsibilities and given all the information necessary to understand which issues are under their remit.

Better asset protection: In the case of a serious issue, in-system guidance directs the occupant to take all the right steps to protect themselves and the building from further damage.

18% of issues are resolved in system using in-built guidance
66% of issues reported
include photographs
One issue is reported through Fixflo every minute

Faster fixes

Detailed, accurate reports ensure quick fixes

All the information you need: Clear, concise repair reports contain all the information you need, including the specific location within the property and who is reporting.  Photos of the problem can also be attached.

The reports are sent directly to the correct property manager in seconds.

First-time fixes: Because Fixflo Commercial’s repair reports contain all the detail needed, contractors can prepare for the specific issue at hand.  This means that many issues can be resolved in the first site visit.


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