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Seamless integration with Fixflo

Veco’s integration with Fixflo means your tenant repair reports will seamlessly import into the correct property file in Veco.

This means your property managers will have all the right information for a repair request in just the right place, without having to input the data themselves.

You will be easily alerted to a tenant repair request, without even having to pick up the phone.

How to…

Get started with your Fixflo integration

Getting started with your Veco Fixflo integration is easy.

First, register for your Fixflo site by clicking here (and take advantage of our two-week free trial to see how well Fixflo works for you!).

Then, within Veco access your General Parameters and simply enter your username, password, and Fixflo website address!

Afterwards, you can easily customise your Fixflo site to reflect your own company branding and get started promoting your system to tenants.

It takes less than two minutes to get started!

More integration details and help can be found here.