Supercharge Rentman with Fixflo

Rentman’s integration with Fixflo means your tenant repair reports will seamlessly import into the correct property file in Rentman.

Rentman will download problems submitted into Fixflo and add them as Tasks. Rentman will assign the task to the property manager of the building or property in question and notify users when new tasks are assigned to them. You will be easily alerted to a tenant repair request, without even having to pick up the phone.

About Rentman

Rentman facilitates and streamlines busy property professionals' complex business workflow. Rentman's unique and intuitive layout follows best practice compliant with all the professional body's guidelines including ARLA, NALS RICS and NAEA. Rentman is optionally desktop or web-based. For twenty years, Rentman has been enhancing agencies across the UK and its comprehensive solution is tried, tested and proven.