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MRI Sales and Lettings & Fixflo

MRI Sales and Lettings is used by over 3,500 users, ranging from regional specialists through to national brands with over 500 seat systems. Trusted by some of the largest names in the industry it offers a powerful, accessible and flexible solution for letting and estate agency professionals.

MRI Sales and Lettings Integration

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Supercharge your MRI Sales and Lettings system with specialist repairs and maintenance management software

Integration features

  • Push Fixflo maintenance issues to your MRI Sales and Lettings system
  • Never miss a repair request
  • Maintain a complete maintenance record of your properties



  • Enjoy best-in-class repairs & maintenance software that works out-of-the-box
  • Avoid the need for manual data import between systems
  • Streamline your maintenance processes without adding workload


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Our MRI Sales and Lettings integration seamlessly pushes through maintenance requests made in Fixflo without any need for manual input. This allows you to access the enhanced flexibility of a dedicated repairs and maintenance management tool without interrupting your existing processes within MRI Sales and Lettings platform. All users will be able to see real-time maintenance updates without leaving the system, allowing them to raise a works order and add invoice details when ready. When new maintenance issues are created in Fixflo, the integration automatically updates MRI Sales and Lettings for you, ensuring everyone in your property management team has access to accurate information. Additionally, information such as a landlord's address that is updated in Fixflo will be automatically pushed through to MRI Sales and Lettings at whichever interval is specified.


System requirements

  • Your Fixflo subscription isBasic Essentials or Professional



  • Free


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