Supercharge AXIA with Fixflo

In this exciting new integration, AXIA teams up with Fixflo to bring tenant repair reports seamlessly into your existing software. 

Keeping your data together, Fixflo's integration with AXIA means you can easily act on tenant repair requests without having to re-input information. AXIA's simple and adaptable system is elevated by Fixflo's automated alert systems, meaning no more lengthy phone calls or payment chasing for you or your team. By combining new capabilities with AXIA's trusted interface, Fixflo integration acts as a powerful tool for managers across the industry. 

About AXIA

Inventory Hive provides market leading paperless management of customisable property inspection reports with audit-trailed resident feedback and 360° virtual tours under one roof. The property reporting platform comes with in-built paperless workflows. It’s designed to create the fairest and most efficient way of agreeing safety compliance,  condition, and cleanliness. From check-in inventories to check-outs  and interim visits in-between, these workflows are covered without the  need for third-party electronic signature software. It also allows you to  flag items for repair and send them directly to your Fixflo system.