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Fixflo integrates with leading commercial property management software to ensure your property management
workflow is seamless and efficient

Kykloud is a cloud-based, property asset management software application used by property investors, owners, operators and consultants. The Kykloud suite comprises of three main components: Mobile data collection, a web-based property and project management portal and a real-time desktop publishing and reporting engine.
9 of the top 10 UK surveying firms use Kykloud to better manage their property portfolios, reporting a 5-10x return on their investment through time savings of up to 60% in extracting and managing project data. Kykloud has been used globally to successfully deliver both public and private sector projects in 18 countries, managing over 1.5 billion soft worth of assets.
MRI Horizon
MRI Horizon is a fully web-developed property and asset management software solution, with market leading functionality. It can be seamlessly integrated into your organisation to manage major property portfolios, helping to enhance productivity and reduce costs. As a result, it has become the choice for Investors and Corporate Occupiers worldwide.
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Re-Leased is a revolutionary cloud based commercial property management platform. For the first time in the property management industry, Re-Leased puts the property owner, the property manager and the tenant in one central platform.
The access to valuable information and intelligent automation cuts through the inefficiencies that you may be currently experiencing. Check out how easy it is to run service charges and monitor lease dates and break dates.

The best way to manage the maintenance and
repairs of commercial portfolio